Sesame Lane Kippa Ring – Anzac Ave is guided by a simple yet nonetheless noble philosophy: to create a “home away from home” for all the youngsters that enjoy its care and programs. With an ethos entrenched in generosity, and a delivery of service that is diverse and innovative, it is no surprise Sesame Lane has channeled its principles into a gift of endorsement for beloved Redcliffe Peninsula football club, Peninsula Power [FC].


The connection forged between Sesame Lane and Peninsula Power FC President, Craig Feuerriegel, has yielded not only a generous monetary donation from the childcare and kindergarten provider, but also, weekend use of its mini bus to transport Peninsula players to and from games.

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Sesame Lane has previously stated, “For our children, it's important to stay positive and make sure their days are full of love and fun... We're making sure that every day is a fun day full of wonder and learning.”


‘Wonder’ and ‘learning’ are paramount ideals underpinning each of Sesame Lane’s programs. Children reap the rewards of a multitude of offerings designed to facilitate engagement and foster imagination. Japanese lessons, swimming lessons, cooking lessons; a novel KindyRock Music Program, yoga, and gardening – all culminate in a holistic educational experience designed to improve happiness and health.


Indeed, ‘Happy Healthy Learners’ forms Sesame Lane’s tagline. And what better way to enhance either attribute – happiness or health – than through team sport.


Sport is inherent to Australian culture and serves as the basis of our national identity. In a little corner of Queensland, on the Redcliffe Peninsula, mateship and egalitarianism are played out on the soccer field.  


Use of Sesame Lane’s mini bus is being extended to further enhance these values: to engender equality by ensuring all players can access the game, regardless of their situation or circumstance.


Sesame Lane Kippa Ring – Anzac Ave and Peninsula Power FC are united in their understanding: that teamwork and sportsmanship are pivotal – even essential – aspects of health and character development that should be salient in all people’s lives.  


Be you a grass-roots player, Squirt or Junior participant, or member of one of the senior leagues, the foundations of these integral characteristics are laid in early childhood.


Sesame Lane is showing its care and investment in not simply a sport, but the limitless beneficial skills, abilities and experiences that derive from it.


Given Sesame Lane’s emphasis on physical activity and ‘having a go’, one can only assume that Happy Healthy Learners – past, present and future – have found, or will find, their way to Peninsula Power FC.


And when a fledgling athlete moves on from the kindergarten, goes to school, and one day decides to join the local football club? He or she may sit on that Sesame Lane mini bus and bear witness to the tangible value of Sesame Lane’s support.

Sesame Lane Kippa Ring - Anzac Ave
Phone: 07 3480 8030
Opening hours: 6:00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday
20-36 Regency St, Kippa Ring
Contact: Jodi

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*Photos taken prior to COVID-19 pandemic. 

Last updated 30 Aug 2021
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