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Last updated 30 Apr 2024
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  1. June 2024

    1. Sat 22

      NPL MEN - ROUND 16

      5:00 PM
    2. Sun 23

      NPL WOMEN - ROUND 19

      4:00 PM
    3. Sun 30

      NPL WOMEN - ROUND 20

      3:00 PM
  2. July 2024

    1. Sun 07

      NPL MEN - ROUND 17

      4:30 PM
    2. Sun 07

      NPL WOMEN - ROUND 21

      5:00 PM
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Community Football

The Community Football Division is the largest of the divisions at Peninsula Power, serving more than 600 players. 

All players in this division play in the Football Brisbane competition and ages go from U5s through to Over 45s.

We have every facet of football covered, so if you want to play social football or the more competitive brand, we have a programme for you. 

The Community Football Division Facebook can be found here.

Mini Roos

2YR - 7YR Olds

We have two in-house programs that cover these age groups. 3-4 yr olds (2 yr olds by exception) will start in our Peewees program. 5 yr olds will be looked at to see whether they suit the Peewee program or the U6/7 Program.

Both Programs are on Saturday Mornings at Dalton Park Clontarf and run in line with the normal season for Miniroos in the U8 – U11 age groups (April to September). 

Power Peewees Program – The Peewees program is a FUN based skills learning session. Qualified coaches work with training coaches (Power is into developing coaches and referees as well as players) to put the children through easy to follow exercises that develop all the basic skills required to move on to the next level.

Sessions are relaxed and cater to children of all differing personalities. For example if a child wants to run to mum/dad for a quick cuddle, then go right ahead. If a particularly shy child needs mum/dad to join in then we make that work too. It is a great way to get children more social before attending school.  

From Peewees some children may be identified as being too skilled for these sessions and may be invited to move up to the U6 program. This can happen at any time throughout the year.

U6 and U7 Program

Our U6/7 Program is also run in house and is organised by our A license Technical Director and run by qualified coaches and training coaches (again, Power is into developing coaches and referees as well as players). Players will train for 30 mins on drills that they will try to put into practice in their games which they will do for the next 45 mins of their session. We find this works better than training through the week and forgetting the skill by game day. 

Some players step into Football and seem to have a knack for it. Advanced players will be identified for their skills, coachability and attitude and may be selected to become part of the Academy Program however, do not worry if this is not you in the first years – players develop at all different rates and we have had players not make Academy teams until their early teens. 

Peewees Sessions are 45 mins, from 0940 hrs at Dalton Park. Maine Road, Clontarf.

U6's start at 0910 hrs and U7's start at 0830 hrs. Both age groups run for 45 minutes.

Action  Peewees

Competitive Football

From under 13s through to under 16s teams will play on the full size fields with full FIFA rules. The only change to the rules is that players are interchanged instead of substituted. 

Much like the mini-roos section, players will be graded to a level so they are placed into teams with children of similar skill levels. 

All competitions are governed by Football Brisbane and this is where teams start to play for points and league tables are administered. Finals are also played at the end of the season for teams that qualify. Teams can also be promoted to the next league for the following season if they qualify in the previous season.

From under 18s all the way through to our over 45s teams, teams now play with substitutions

FB U13 - U18  Div  Image

Community Football Fixtures

All Community Division Fixtures can be found here. 

Please note that fixtures must be finalised by governing bodies and may be subject to change during the year as a result of weather or other changes in conditions. 

Community Football Contacts

Director of Community, & Metro Coordinator

Charmaine Chapman

Community Fixture Controller, Peewee Coordinator, Blue-card Coordinator, Manager Coordinator/Recorder, Football (Uniform) Shop Contact, Facility Coordinator

Sandy Burrell

Community Treasurer

Nicole Dymock

Community Equipment Officer

Peter Burnell

Official partners of Peninsula Power FC