National Premier League

The National Premier Leagues (NPL) is the national second tier competition in Australia which underpins the 
Hyundai A-League and Westfield W-League. Administered by Football Queensland, NPL represents the top tier 
of football in Queensland. 

Peninsula Power FC has just completed its first year in the NPL, qualifying for the Football Queensland Final Series, and is ready to contest again in 2020.

2018  Premiers celebration

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Congratulate our 2019 Award Winners

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2019 Award Winners


Trophy Award

Player Name



2019 NPL Player of the Year

Sam Roper

2019 NPL Players Player

Sam Roper

2019 NPL Best Supporting Player

Joshua Woolley

2019 NPL Golden Boot

Dean Briggs



2019 Blue Brothers Most Valuable Player

Sam Roper

2019 NPL Rising Star Award

Adam Ravbar

2019 BWPL Rising Star Award

Caitlin English

2019 Football Qld Team of the Year Selection

Dean Briggs

2019 Football Qld Team of the Year Selection

Tom Strickland

2019 Football Brisbane Select Team

Taylah Brotherston

2019 Football Brisbane Select Team

Brittany Whitfield

2019 Football Brisbane Select Team

Chrissy Wagner

2019 Football Brisbane Select Team

Victoria Bebner





2019 NPL U20 Most Valuable Player

Zachariah Gillies

2019 NPL U20 Players Player

Lucas Bobin

2019 NPL U20 Best Supporting Player

Joshua Breen

2019 NPL U20 Golden Boot

Jesse Gibbs



2019 NPL U18 Most Valuable Player

Jack Vandenban

2019 NPL U18 Players Player

Harrison Rowe

2019 NPL U18 Best Supporting Player

Ryan Patch

2019 NPL U18 Golden Boot

Thomas Stephens

2019 NPL U18 Golden Glove

Tinashe Madau



2019 BWPL Player of the Year

Isabella Pratt

2019 BWPL Players Player

Chelsea Martin

2019 BWPL Best Supporting Player

Samantha Harrington

2019 BWPL Most Improved Player

Zoe Lattanzi

2019 BWPL Golden Boot

Brittany Whitfield

2019 BWPL Golden Glove

Jess Scicluna



2019 BWPL Reserves Most Valuable Player

Brieanna Watt

2019 BWPL Reserves Players Player

Lauren Henderson

2019 BWPL Reserves Best Supporting Player

Zoe Lattanzi

2019 BWPL Reserves Most Improved Player

Kaitlin Manthey

2019 BWPL Reserves Golden Boot

Chrissy Wagner



2019 City 4 Most Valuable Player

Laetitia Ludke

2019 City 4 Best Supporting Player

Amie Storer

2019 City 4 Most Improved Player

Chenae Wilson

2019 City 4 Golden Boot

Mingie Foley



2019 City 5 Most Valuable Player

Kirsten Emberley

2019 City 5 Best Supporting Player

Julie Kuhneman

2019 City 5 Most Improved Player

Tanya Hilliar

2019 City 5 Golden Boot

Lisa Wilkinson

2019 City 5 Golden Glove

Suzanne Cupo



2019 City League Most Valuable Player

David Cunningham

2019 City League Best Supporting Player

Chris Feldman

2019 City League Golden Boot

Jordan Wells



2019 U18 Division 1 Most Valuable Player

Jacob Ward

2019 U18 Division 1 Best Supporting Player

Taj McGuiness

2019 U18 Division 1 Golden Boot

Byron Devilliers



2019 O45 Division 1 Most Valuable Player

Sean Vandenban

2019 O45 Division 1 Best Supporting Player

Mark Noble

2019 O45 Division 1 Golden Boot

Victor Bradbury

2019 O45 Division 1 Golden Glove

Danny English



Peninsula Power 2019 NPL Volunteer of the Year

Rebecca Flockhart

Peninsula Power 2019 NPL Manager of the Year

Silvia Holl

Peninsula Power 2019 NPL Junior Volunteer of the Year

Liam Meyer

 Peninsula Power BWPL Manager of the Year

 Trisha Belford



2019 Feuerriegel Family NPL Junior Player of the Year

Alex Witte



2019 NPL U16 Most Valuable Player

Tom Berzinski

2019 NPL U16 Players Player

Blake Jones

2019 NPL U16 Best Supporting Player

Alec Bowden

2019 NPL U16 Golden Boot

Alex Witte



2019 NPL U15 Most Valuable Player

Adam Pollock

2019 NPL U15 Players Player

Charlie McVeigh

2019 NPL U15 Best Supporting Player

Tom Suszynski

2019 NPL U15 Golden Boot

Bogdan Radovanovic



2019 NPL U14 Most Valuable Player

Louis Tanner

2019 NPL U14 Players Player

Louis Tanner

2019 NPL U14 Best Supporting Player

Lachlan Moon

2019 NPL U14 Golden Boot

Alex Stephens



2019 NPL U13 Most Valuable Player

Jett Murray

2019 NPL U13 Players Player

Nicholas Turner

2019 NPL U13 Best Supporting Player

Kaiden Turnbull

2019 NPL U13 Golden Boot

Eddie Van Bladel

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