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Last updated 30 Apr 2024
AJ Kelly Park Field 1Open
AJ Kelly Park Field 2Open
Bradley ParkOpen
Dalton Park Field 1Open
Dalton Park Field 2Open
Dalton Park Field 3Open


  1. June 2024

    1. Sat 22

      NPL MEN - ROUND 16

      5:00 PM
    2. Sun 23

      NPL WOMEN - ROUND 19

      4:00 PM
    3. Sun 30

      NPL WOMEN - ROUND 20

      3:00 PM
  2. July 2024

    1. Sun 07

      NPL MEN - ROUND 17

      4:30 PM
    2. Sun 07

      NPL WOMEN - ROUND 21

      5:00 PM
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2024 Season

2024 Season

Event Dates

StartFriday 6 October 2023

FinishSunday 14 July 2024

Registration Dates

OpenFriday 6 October 2023

CloseWednesday 31 July 2024

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    • Peewees
    • 200 Peewees 3 to 5 Years
    • Community
    • 300 Community Under 6 - Under 7 (Includes Match Fees)
    • Senior Men
    • 350 Senior Mens Under 18/Under 20
    • 350 Senior Mens Metro League
    • 355 Senior Mens Over 35s/45s/50s
    • Girls & Women
    • 350 Senior Womens Over 18
    • Miscellaneous
    • 55 Walking Football

We offer the following payment options:
Credit / Debit CardPayment Plan, Cash, Eftpos

Peninsula Power Football Club on the Redcliffe Peninsula would like to thank Captain Cook Tavern for their sponsorship.
Captain Cook Tavern
Captain Cook Tavern graciously support our Women's Division every week with a meat tray raffle and weekly team prizes.

Their ongoing support over the many years is greatly appreciated. The Tavern is located at the Kippa-Ring Shopping Center.
Phone (07) 3284 0322

Terms and conditions

  • Refund Policy and Procedure


    On occasions a club member may choose to leave the Club or stop playing football and seek to have registration fees refunded. Accordingly, the club has adopted this Refund Policy and Procedure to manage these requests.

    Peninsula Power Football Club (PPFC) relies on the fees collected from player registrations to contribute to many costs associated with providing services for Club members including compulsory insurances.

    Registration and playing fees contribute to payment of compulsory governing body fees and levies including FFA and Football Queensland insurances, coaches, support workers, costs associated with Club facility maintenance including fields, utilities, change rooms and Club houses, equipment repair and replacement, administration fees and end of year events. Your fees also cover purchase of playing shirts for match days.

    To keep Club registration fees as low as possible for our members, the Club relies on our volunteers to help administer the Club as well sponsorship, fundraising and income from Club canteens and uniform shops.

    Please note that a member request for processing of a refund may incur a $50 administration fee.

    Refund Policy Principles

    A registered Club member may submit a request for partial refund of registration fees.

    The Club may choose to make a one-off payment after considering the following principles in determining whether a partial refund will be provided to the member:

    1. Where a player has registered but does not take part in any training activities (including pre-season training), player grading or selection processes or sanctioned matches, then fees paid will be refunded less all Governing Body costs (if the Club has registered the player with FQ)
    2. A request for refund will be considered where it relates to a member choosing to permanently leave the Club as a result of either no longer playing in a FQ competition or moving residence away from the area.
    3. A request for refund will not be considered where it relates to a member choosing to leave the Club and continue to play Football at another Club within a 100km radius to PPFC.
    4. A request for a refund will be considered where it relates to a member leaving the Club as a result of a serious illness or injury, the request must be supported by medical evidence of illness/injury and the period of illness injury, for which the claim is made, must be greater than 8 weeks in total.
    5. Refund requests may also be considered for exceptional circumstances and will be considered by the Club on a case by case basis.
    6. Refunds will not be provided for the following:
    . Non-refundable deposit;
    . Coaches payment;
    . match-day or referee payments levied for some competitions
    . reimbursement for purchase of training and playing equipment and uniforms purchased for the individual
    . any outstanding registration fees
    7. Where a player's registration is withdrawn by the Club for breaches of the FFA Code of Conduct, no refund, regardless of the number of matches participated in, will be paid.


    All requests for refund of Club fees must be submitted consistent with the following process.

    The Nominated Contact person will:

    1. Complete the attached form (Appendix 1 - Request for Refund) providing required information and including all relevant detail.
    2. Forward the completed form to the relevant Management Committee Football Director for consideration. Your request must be forwarded to either Director Performance Football OR Director Community Football depending on your Divisional registration.

    The Club will:
    3. Ensure the relevant Football Director considers your justification for the request, taking into account the matters outlined in the relevant policy and principles, any exceptional circumstances, and provide a decision to the Club Treasurer consistent with application of the refund Policy and Procedure within 14 days of receipt of the application,

    4. Ensure the Club Treasurer provides advice on the Clubs decision to the Nominated Contact Person and processes the refund amount decided by the Football Chairperson (where applicable) within 7 days of the Treasurer receiving advice from the Football Director. Where a refund is supported, the refund will be made to the nominated bank account.

    Please note that a decision can only be reached by the Football Director once all requested information has been submitted to them by the Nominated Contact Person.

    Where payments are disputed, the Nominated Contact Person may be requested to provide evidence of payment at the Clubs request or other relevant information.

    Decision challenge

    Should the Nominated Contact Person/Member believe that the decision made by the Football Director is inconsistent with the Refund Policy and Procedure, they may request that the matter be referred to the Club Management Committee for final review, consistent with this policy.

    The Nominated Contact Person must provide their reasons in writing to the Club Secretary 14 days of advice being forwarded to the member.